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For me, bridge is all about community and connection. As bridge players, we develop deep personal relationships with our partners, we manage relationships across a network of partners, we interact with friends around bridge games and post-mortems, and we connect with new people at tournaments.

I view TournTables as a conduit that provides support for this vibrant community. At tournaments, I provide tables and equipment that allows the tournaments to run with minimal overhead from the districts and units. I also sell books and supplies that make the game more fun and rewarding and that help connect people to the game and to the community. Name badges and tournament patches may be a small thing, but they serve to connect people by helping to strike up conversations.

At, you’ll find items that you’ll enjoy as a player and you’ll find items that will help you run tournaments or run your bridge club. If there’s anything you need that you don’t see here, let me know and I’ll either get it for you or help you find it.

Contact Info:

Name: David Taylor



Phone: (206) 877-3575


Everyone loves, loves, loves your convention cards.

–Club owner from Alberta